Building your own website can be very time consuming and confusing.

First, you need to arrange for and acquire a domain name
(ex - That alone requires a few steps...
determine if the name you want is available, find a reliable/accrediated
company from whom to purchase the name (there are loads out there
but not all are accrediated), and execute the purchase.

Then it is time to design the site. Here you need to either know how to write 'code' or purchase special software that can assist you with the design.
Then there is the design, layout and organization of the site. Alot of work!

Once the site is designed, next you need to find a host for your website... someone who, once your site is designed will 'display' your site, for a monthly fee, on their server so anyone can view it. That is not as simple as it sounds. There are many many hosts, but all too many are unreliable, go out of business without notice and/or are unreachable when you need help.

After you find the appropiate host, you must prepare the setup and upload the designed site the the host's server. Now that all is running smoothly, you can sit back and be done. Well, maybe...things don't always go as planned...
someone calls you and tells you that they typed in
and nothing came up. Now what?'s maintenance (headache) time.
What's wrong, who do I call, how do I get it fixed?

Then there are changes and additions you wish to make -
perhaps adding your Kennel logo, some new win pictures, etc.

All of this is very time consuming when your life is busy and complicated enough!

Phew! Heard enough?
Well we can do it all for you -
kind of hassle free, one stop shopping!
We will be happy to take care of any or all of the work involved.
Just tell us what you want, and we will do the rest.
All you will need to do is tell your friends and family to visit's it!

Here are just a few samples of sites I have developed and manage:

FairyTale Briards

Sherwood Airedales

Timberwyck Airedale Terriers

Sherfire Labs

Vet On The Run

Best In Show Westies

Please click the button below for pricing details,
then let us know what you would like us to do!